As a leader you are tasked with providing clarity, inspiration, and motivation
for your team, customers,
and investors.

Allow me to make your life easier by supporting you to feel more clarity, inspiration and motivation in yourself, your life, and your work.

When fuelled by Purpose and Values, your ability to influence is elevated in every interaction, and your work energises rather than depletes you.

I have met many leaders who…

Hide behind the logic presented by the numbers, undermining the trust of their people in the process.

Fail to appreciate that personal and professional growth is a non-negotiable, and so consistently underwhelming teams, investors, and customers.

Delay important decisions to avoid challenging conversations and lose their teams’ respect.

Think their position as a leader can be delegated to a manager, choosing absence and distance as an avoidance mechanism.

Change must start at the top

As a leader you walk your talk for the culture you wish to create. You embody the organisational Values.

You can choose to hide from the power you hold and suffer the associated guilt. Or – you can decide to embrace the power you hold and do the work required to unleash it.

Expecting your teams to step into their potential before you have invested in yours is a nice idea, and an impossibility.

Thanks to your position you have infinitely more power to affect positive or negative change in the lives of your team, customers, community, and the world.

Business leaders must find ways to infuse mundane business activities with deeper, soul-stirring ideals, such as honour, truth, love, justice and beauty. Humanise what people say, and you may well humanise what they do.

Gary Hamel

My Background

With 10+ years’ experience in a variety of sectors ranging from US Tech to social enterprise to fundraising consultancy, I am equipped with a broad and deep knowledge of the challenges faced by leaders in high-potential, fast-growing companies, and the crucial questions to consider as new strategies and growth phases are embarked on.

I have worked with LinkedIn, Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, Bord Bia, The One Foundation, and Genio, in Sales, Fundraising or Strategy roles, advising companies on topics ranging from employer branding to sales narrative to philanthropic investment.
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Short summary

A graduate of Smurfit Executive Business School’s Diploma in Corporate Governance, I also hold a BA in Modern Languages and a Post-graduate Diploma in International Business Development from The University of Manchester and DIT respectively.
I am a certified Story Coach, and hold an Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience.

Why I care deeply about this work

Having worked closely with leaders and leadership teams over the last 10 years,
I have observed the following common themes:

The hierarchical systems we move in do not support leaders to do their best work.

Leaders are rarely prepared for the emotional stress they must manage.

Top-class leaders are highly self-aware and have invested extensively in self-development.

Purpose-driven, values-based leaders thrive most, both personally and professionally.

There is an urgent need for Purpose-driven leadership in ALL industries.

Ready to level up?

Excellent! If you have read this far this work is likely relevant to you.

On this call we discuss your needs, my approach, and assess the mutual fit.

“ Jane’s compassion and wisdom was just what I needed – her coaching sessions provided an open space where I could find clarity and stillness. After only one session I was able to identify a recurring theme in my working life that was not supporting me, and immediately start to make changes, without becoming overwhelmed. While the strategies we used were simple and gentle, they ran deep and got to the heart of what was going on for me. That is Jane’s talent. ”
— Senior Speech & Language Therapist, HSE, Ireland

“ Together we worked on helping me gain more clarity and confidence in my direction, personally and professionally, to allow me to feel a greater sense of calm in where I am and where I’m heading in the short and longer-term. This has not only provided me with stronger foundations and direction for both my professional and personal life, but it’s also given me a valuable toolkit that I am using every day to work towards my goals. ”
— Marketing Manager, London